Important note: You must complete the previous assignment—get approval from your instructor for a business scenario—before you complete and submit this assignment.

The purpose of the project proposal is to describe how to automate or improve the automation of a specific business process, and then to explain how completing the project will positively affect the business.

Once a project proposal is accepted, project work can begin; therefore, a successful project proposal must include all of the information necessary for stakeholders to make a “go/no-go” decision, including a statement of scope, a list of the benefits you expect the proposed project to provide, and a rough estimate of how long it will take and how much it will cost to complete the project.

Download the Project Proposal Template.

Fill out the template based on the business scenario you selected and that was approved by your instructor. The project proposal must include the following items:

  • A project definition and scope that defines the project and articulates the business context for the project
  • The problems that the proposed system is expected to solve (or opportunities the proposed project is expected to produce)
  • The project objectives
  • The project methodology or “game plan”
  • A high-level schedule and cost estimate for completing the project scope (Note: I will be looking for realistic looking costs and dates, but these are just estimates at this time)

There has been some confusion regarding the above, so please note that you need to fill out ALL of the sections of the Project Proposal Template – the sections specifically mentioned above need to be as complete as possible and the other sections can be in lesser detail.

Refer to this week’s reading and multimedia for help in creating your project proposal.

Please note that I do not consider simply parroting back material from another source to be sufficient – you will need to provide your material in your own words and discuss or describe how any external material you provide relates to the scenario. Also, please make sure you properly paraphrase, quote, reference and cite any material you are discussing. 

Submit your completed Project Proposal Template.