Choose one of your favorite songs that you can find two forms for. This might be reading the lyrics and then listening to the actual song. You might also listen to the song and then watch the video. Now really investigate and analyze the impact of the different forms on the reader/listener/viewer.

Questions you might consider include:

  • Does the meaning stay the same in the different forms?
  • Which form is better?
  • Why were certain choices made (such as certain musical accompaniment or repeating a certain phrase)?
  • What would YOU have done differently as you developed the song from written lyrics, to actual song, to video?

Basically have fun with analyzing how (and if) form changes the meaning for and impact on the reader/listener/viewer.

This discussion paper must be at least 250 words minimum and written in MLA format. Please choose a song that can be easily translated and up to date. This assignments must be completed by 2/1/2020 11:59 PM.