For this discussion, complete the following:

  • Declare which focus you chose, cloud computing or knowledge management.
  • Define the three or four main points from each of the two articles.
  • Address the following:      
    • What are the benefits and associated issues raised in the articles?
    • What suggested areas need further research? Why?
    • Seek out a case organization that exemplifies the concepts discussed in the assigned reading.

Use APA headings to format your initial discussion post. Use the  APA Module, linked in the Resources, to guide your formatting. Use the  following list to develop your post and include the information you  gather under its corresponding heading:

  • Introduction: Tell the reader the purpose of the post and what will be covered.
  • Theory: Article Comparisons: Identify and describe the main points of the two articles.
  • Case Example: Demonstrate an application.
  • Conclusion: What are the key takeaways?

Your post to this discussion must include at least two cited  scholarly references, either peer-reviewed journals or practitioner  journals, in addition to the course assigned readings, and must be a  minimum of 300 words in length.