Universal Ethical Principles in Nursing

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Nurses work in various socio-economic and other conditions in societies with different cultural backgrounds. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that some ethical principles of nursing have found recognition, if not everywhere, then in most countries. With the birth of bioethics, ethical committees of various levels were established in several European and American countries to address many ethical problems and issues related to the protection of people during biomedical and behavioral research. The four universal ethical principles include mercy, autonomy, fairness, and completeness of medical care. The ethical basis of a nurse’s professional activity is humanity and mercy. The most important tasks of a nurse’s professional activity are comprehensive care for patients and relief of their suffering; restoration of health and rehabilitation; promotion of health promotion and prevention of diseases. The Code of Ethics provides clear moral guidelines for the professional activity of a nurse and is designed to promote consolidation, increase the prestige and authority of the nursing profession in society, and the development of nursing in Russia.

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