Travel Experience in Sri Lanka

Travel Experience in Sri Lanka

Project description
Try to make some big differences on the first draft(structure,the main idea). Focus on what really change the author after this travel more just describe the trip. The general idea is seeing the poor kids in the orphanage the author suddenly realize how beautiful she life is and become more independent.

Trip to Sri Lanka

In the summer 2014, my friend invited me to go to Sri Lanka and do some volunteering works with her. At that time, I just finished my spring semester and went back to China for several days. Thinking of the long summer holiday and I does have much work to do, so I agree with her and prepared for the trip in just one week.
Everything seemed to be very quick and the decision was made in a hurry, so I do not really have time to learn much about Sri Lanka. But I was very excited to have an adventure to a place that I’ve never been to. When I was sitting in the airplane, looking at the airline hostess who has big eyes and dark skin, I suddenly realized that I am already on my first trip alone and away from my family. I was ready for my trip and wanted to see amazing stories.
The summer was very hot and wet in June. After the 3 hours drive from the airport to Galle, a little seaside town in the south of the country, I finally saw my host family. My friend has already stayed in Galle for 2 weeks and waited for me. She went out from the host’s house and gave me a big huge. And Mr.Smith, the host, a plump man with long sleeves dress, was standing beside the main gain of the garden, smile warmly to me. After the short introduction, I was led to a little room in the second floor. There was two beds in the room and it still felt really narrow. My friend told me that it was the biggest room they have. The color of the wall and the cupboard was dark brown. The only full-length mirror on the right side of the room was too dirty to see through. It is really suffocative, I felt that I could not breath in that room. There was a little window and fan in our tiny room but they did not really work really will. I rested on my bed for a while, talking to other people who also went here for volunteer, knowing that there were no hot shower in the house. But in fact we dit not need the hot water because it was already too hot to bear the summer. Then, the host told us that we could go down stairs to have the meal.
“What are we going to eat?” I asked my friend. “You will know in a second.” She answer in a strange smile.
There are four dishes on the table. And each of them are yellow. I know all of them are curry. The water spinach was chopped up and cooked in curry, the tuna fish was cooked in curry, the potato and carrots were cooked in curry. Except the corns. I filled my plate with the white rice. The curry one the table tastes different from India curry, Tai carry, and Japanese curry. It has its own special herb smell, and very salty and spicy. What surprise me was the rice were also salty and spicy. Suddenly, I saw some little ants and spiders walking on the table. I was startled for a second, but when I looked around, everyone is so quiet and enjoying their curry rice. So I pretended that I did not see anything, drunk a lot of water and finished my meal quickly.
“You will get used to the taste, ” My friend said to me sometime later after my first meal, “And you have to get used to it.”
The next day was my first day to do the volunteering work. Basically, our job is to take care to the little orphan babies, feed them, talk to them and play with them. We took “tu-tu”, the motor pedicab, to the orphanage. It took about 10 minutes to get to the place, and we need to pay the driver 80 rupees for a single ride (about 0.6 USD). On our way, Mr. Smith told us some background about the orphanage. We learned that not every children in the orphanage does not have their parents, some of their family just too poor to raise their children up, so the government force them leave their babies in the orphanage. Sometimes we can see the babies’ own mother come to see them.
When we arrived the place, passed the front garden, saw a house on the right side of the main building. I heard the babies crying from far away to the entrance of the room. It is 8 o’clock in the morning, the babies should be hungry and waiting for their breakfast. When we opened the door of that house, a very unpleasant smell came out of the house offended my sense of smell. The smell was complicated and indescribable, it contained the dense fragrance of milk, the stink of vomit, and even the smell of piss. Even they have already opened all of the windows, the whole room is still very intolerable, and the hot, humid day just made the situation even worse. I spent almost five minutes getting accustomed to the unpleasant smell.
They called the staff that working in the orphanage “Ladies”. When I was able to get to work, I saw the Ladies were feeding the babies in a very rude way. They used huge adult spoons, scoop a full spoon of the milk cereal, and put that into their small mouths. The babies cannot swallow all the cereal one time, so they spit out part of it, their little shirts and mouths are very dirty in just a minute, but the Ladies seemed like do not want to clear that up. I was a little bit shock for seeing that. I thought maybe the kids will be much happier with their own needy parents. I picked up a baby, and carefully clear the mess around his mouth, then used a small spoon to feed him slowly. The baby stopped crying immediately. They need people’s love. They need someone to care about them and hug them, the greatest happiness for them was just a little hug. The baby in my arms was two years old, but he still did not know how to speak. Nobody would teach them how to say “Hello” or “Goodbye”.
“They will know to speak, finally, themselves, ”The Ladies said in imperfect English, “No need to teach.”
But I believe the babies still know how valuable they are living here. They will cry when you put them down and leave, but they won’t cry when you take away their food because they know they have to share with other orphans. The babies are very thin and their face are small, and their eyes are very shiny big. There is dreams that showed inside the eyes. They looks very cute and happy anyway, it is our movement for doing this volunteering work.
I continued doing the volunteering work for two weeks. Basically, the job was all the same, feed them, talk to them, besides we need to carry the babies to do the health examination once a month. Two weeks later, we finished our volunteering work and have to go back. I remembered their is a note book in the back of the room, the volunteers wrote about please do not spend too much time on the same baby, you will leave eventually and do not let them feel like being abandon for the second time.
When we leave the country, I asked my host what I should bring back to my country as a souvenir. “Of cause our spices! ” he said proudly, “Everyone loves the curry spice, don’t they?” “Yes, yes of cause,” I answered with a artificial smile, “I will buy some before going back.”
I enjoy seeing different people living in a totally different place, travel broaden my outlook. This trip will be one of my most valuable experience.


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