The New Public Management

The New Public Management

Its global impact and after math- its impact on public managment leadership and ethical orientations, and how it could be implied in Saudi Arabia

THIS IS A CAPSTONE PAPER. for Public Administration field.
Summarize the elements of what has come to be known as the “New Public Management.” What has been the global impact of the NPM and its aftermath? What has been its impact on conceptions of public management leadership and ethical orientations? And how it could be implied in the Saudi Arabian government (THIS WILL BE THE TOPIC OF THE PAPER).
• Please start the paper with questions about the topic of the has to be guided by theories. And there should be a frame to build the paper around it.
• Please use not so complicated vocabulary, I’m not American so any sophisticated words may be difficult for me.
• Please send me an outline for the paper as soon as possible.

– The paper will be graded on the basis of: ( so please try your best)
1) Quality and extent of research
2) Analysis and synthesis of the topic
3) Integration of ethical issues with the topic (as shown below)
4) Structure and organization of the paper.

Ethical issues to be addressed in the paper include:
1) Identification of potential conflicts between professional management and democratically elected officials, as well as the ethical dilemmas these relationships may entail.
2) Identification and discussion of ethical issues associated with policy leadership by professional managers.
3) Communication of a clear and coherent philosophy of engaging diverse constituencies by professional managers.
4) Thoughtful reflection on the pursuit of public value while remaining open to diverse views of the public interest.


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