The Impacts of Industrialization in the U.S. (1815-1929)


Write an introductory paragraph and a body paragraph in response to the prompts from the topics below.
– Working Conditions (1860 – 1929)
– Labor Organization & Resistance (1860 – 1900)
– Urban Life and Leisure (1860 – 1900)
– Middle & Upper Class Society & Culture (1860 – 1900)
– Working Class Reform Movements (1850 – 1900)
Intro Paragraph Guidance
Begin with a 1 – 2 sentence lead-in that provides context and clarifies key terms in the question.
Next, outline the key points of your answer in the form of a thesis and forecast.
A thesis statement is a clear, direct, complete, and complex response to the question/prompt.
A forecast statement is a reasonably detailed preview of 3+ clear, distinct, and accurate claims that directly support your thesis. Separate sentences are
Body Paragraph Guidance
Your body paragraph should be organized around one of your forecast points.
A body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that summarizes the paragraph’s main claim (a forecast point) clearly and completely.
Next, it should thoroughly analyze at least 2 pieces of evidence (historical examples or data) in support of your claim. Be sure to explain precisely how the
evidence supports your paragraph’s main claim.




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