The Statement of Purpose that accompanies your application for the  Columbia Southern University Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)  program is used, along with a review of your graduate school  transcript(s) and resume, to assess both your academic and business  experience and to provide insight into your proposed research. The  Statement of Purpose must contain three elements:

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Academic and Business Experience
  • Academic Interest

The Introduction section is a concise description of  what inspired you to begin a terminal degree in business. It should not  be an autobiography. The Summary of Academic and Business Experience  section is where you should discuss relevant graduate-level academic  work you have completed, and the business experience you have gained in  preparation for entering a doctoral program. Finally, the Academic Interest  section is your elaboration on your research interest, linking  contemporary research you have found on the topic and its application to  business administration.

Your statement of purpose should be an original, between 500-1000  words, single-spaced in 12 point font, and be free of spelling and  grammatical errors.