Security -Audit and complaince

Security -Audit and complaince

Project description
1You are required to write to write a journal article in an academic style taking a title selected
from the list given below. You may change, modify or adapt the selected title a BUT ONLY
AFTER consultation with the module leader.
You may use any of the module materials, resources or any other relevant materials that you
find. You are likely to need to undertake independent research of both theory (e.g. books,
journal articles) and practice (e.g. examples and case studies) to write your article.
Article title selection
Please find below titles drawn from different course areas. You should choose only one
specific title to undertake your journal article.
1. An evaluation of the factors that support and inhibit the creation of an information security
culture within organisations
2. An evaluation of organisationsa approaches to the risks from social engineering
3. A critical assessment of the process of information security risk management
4. Management of security issues in the development of new systems: an evaluation
5. Incident handling and disaster recovery planning as part of information security
6. Gender perceptions and why there are so few women in Information Security.
In order to provide illustrative examples you can apply the concepts and principles raised in
the selected topic to ONE of the following industry sectors:
a The Financial Services Industry
a The NHS (or health sector in another country)
a Local Government
a Multinationals

Alternatively or additionally, your article could include an analysis that assesses the impact of
ONE of the following external issues:
a Mobile technologies and BYOD
a Identity management
a Cloud technology.
You should undertake independent research of theory (e.g. books, journal articles, internet)
and practice (e.g. examples and case studies) to write the journal article in an academic style
on the selected topic.
Article structure
The following elements must all be included in your article:

Abstract 100-150 words outlining your articleas contents
Introduction This is where you introduce the topic to be discussed/ challenge to be addressed


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