Critical and scholarly discussion of readings do not include your feelings about the author’s writing style (“I like this.”, “This is boring”, etc.) Instead, push yourself to synthesize the main ideas of the readings, identifying how they are ‘in conversation’ with one another. What are the themes across the readings? Where do these ideas diverge/do the authors appear to disagree? What questions do you have, after unpacking the readings?

Reflection Rubric

1. Unpacks at least 2 specific concepts or points from the readings (with in-text citations). (1 pt)

2. Relates new information to old information learned in the course to date. (1 pt)

3. Relates information in article or reading to personal experience. (1 pt)

4. Synthesis, rather than recitation and summary, of all of the readings. (1 pt)

5. Length of reflection: approx 1 page. (1 pt)