1. Organizational culture is best explained as organizational
  A) Personality
  B) Hierarchy
  C) Reporting relationships
  D) Background
  E) Management style

A good project management system provides for defining the interface between the project team and the organization in all the following areas except
  A) Authority
  B) Allocation of resources
  C) Development of project team members
  D) Integration of the project into the organization
  E) All of these are provided

Which of the following is an advantage of a functional project management organization?
  A) Maximum flexibility in the use of staff
  B) Good integration across functional units
  C) Shorter project duration
  D) Strong motivation of project team members
  E) All of these are advantages

MegaComputers, Inc. has assigned a project manager for each of the five new-product teams. The managers as well as the project team members work on the projects on a full-time basis. The structure being used is ________ organization.
  A) Functional
  B) Balanced matrix
  C) Weak matrix
  D) Strong matrix
  E) Project

Elizabeth is considering how to structure a project team that will not directly disrupt ongoing operations. The project needs to be done quickly and a high level of motivation will be needed in order to do that. For this situation, the ______ organization would be the best choice.
  A) Functional
  B) Balanced matrix
  C) Weak matrix
  D) Strong matrix
  E) Project

A project management system provides a framework for launching and implementing project activities within a ______ organization.
  A) Matrix
  B) Balanced
  C) Weak
  D) Sponsor
  E) Parent

In which of the following is the balance of authority strongly in favor of the functional managers?
  A) Weak matrix
  B) Balanced matrix
  C) Strong matrix
  D) Strong
  E) Both C and D are correct

Matrix management violates the management principle of
  A) Span of control
  B) Unity of command
  C) Parity principle
  D) Empowerment
  E) All of these management principles

The project structure that is ranked as least effective is _______ organization.
  A) Functional
  B) Balanced matrix
  C) Weak matrix
  D) Strong matrix
  E) Project
From the list below, which is not a primary characteristic of organization culture?
  A) Control
  B) Team emphasis
  C) History
  D) Conflict tolerance
  E) Risk tolerance
Who is responsible for determining how tasks will be done in a matrix project management structure?
  A) The functional manager
  B) The project manager
  C) Both are responsible
  D) This is no pattern of who takes responsibility
  E) None of these are true
The Macintosh development team at Apple is a good example of what kind of project structure?
  A) Project
  B) Balanced Matrix
  C) Project Matrix
  D) Functional Matrix
  E) Functional
The Organizational Culture Diagnosis Worksheet classifies cultural characteristics into all of the following except:
  A) Physical characteristics
  B) Public documents
  C) Behavior
  D) Folklore
  E) Ethics
Which of the following is not one of the typical forms of a project management office?
  A) Command center
  B) Control tower
  C) Resource pool
  D) Weather station
  E) All of these are typical forms of a project management office
Which of the following cultural characteristics relates to the degree to which management focuses on outcomes rather than on techniques and processes used to achieve those results?
  A) Risk tolerance
  B) Reward criteria
  C) Conflict tolerance
  D) Means versus end orientation
  E) Open-systems focus