Complete Case Project 5 from Chapter 4 “OEM Printer Cartridge Versus Refilled Cartridges” (page196 in printed text). This project requires you to use presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have this software, it is available in computer centers on each campus, or there are shareware / freeware versions of similar software available.

  • Make sure your presentation is visually appealing.
  • Make sure you address the fact that this analysis is for the support team for a book publishing company.
  • You must include “Speaker’s Notes” to go along with the slides you develop, to point out the things you would highlight when making a presentation.
  • Make sure you include the four bullet points at the end of the case study.
  • Include the Web address (URL) of any sites where you find useful information.  There should be some research involved, so make sure you cite the source.

Spelling, grammar, correct citations, and content will all influence your project grade.