Students will find a current article of an organization in the newspaper or from an online source and present this article in class. The current event must be on a Company (ex: Apple, Best Buy, Walmart) and not a generic article stating best practices. 

1. Select an article (wherever possible) than supports efforts that pertain specifically towards Principles of Management concerns.

2. State the article date(s).

3. Provide source(s) for the article. 

4. Provide a detail summary of the article. 

6. Explain in detail why the current event is important to Principles of Management?

7. Address how the article contributes to the study and/or practical application of Management Principles within an organization? 

8. Explain what the article does not address (that you believe it should) concerning what you have learned of Management Principles?  

9. Create a Power Point with no more than (7) seven slides to present in class.