I need your help in writing 3 pages double-spaced (around 1000 words) , Times New Roman 12, which you will need to compare and contrast an objectivist view with a relativist view.

The paper should basically have three section,

Section 1: presentation of each view; section 2: presentation of their strengths and weaknesses; section 3; defense of your own preferred view, including the response to its weakness

So you will need to 1) present the relativist view of your choice, using our class readings as a source (explain what the view says); 2) present the objectivist view of your choice using our class reading as a source and making clear how it differs from the relativist one; 3) compare the strengths of the views (what is at least one strength of each view); 4) compare the weaknesses of the view (what is at least one criticism/weakness of each view); 5) discuss which you think is the better of the two views and most importantly why, defending your own assessment and saying something in response to the weakness you identified in your preferred view.

*Please remember to signpost, which means you should say things like “In this paper I will defend cultural ethical relativism”, or “There are two objections to this view. The first… The second”…

*Make sure to include a word count

*Please make sure to use ONLY the information in the articles given to you and of course NO PLAGRISM AT ALL!





Thank you,