PEA- Point Evidence Analisis

PEA- Point Evidence Analisis

Read the passage and answer the question referring to the text.

Project description
Read the passage and answer the question referring to the text.

In this passage what methods does Steinbeck use to present the characters plan?

Refer to the passage in your answer. Use quotes.

Wright 6 PEA passages.
PEA- Point Evidence Analisis


George spat on the floor disgustedly. We got ten bucks between us. Then he said thoughtfully, Look, if me an Lennie work a month an dont spen nothing, well have a

hunderd bucks. Thatd be four fifty. I bet we could swing her for that. Then you an Lennie could go get her started an Id get a job an make up the res, an you could

sell eggs an stuff like that.
They fell into a silence. They looked at one another, amazed. This thing they had never really believed in was coming true. George said reverently, Jesus Christ! I bet

we could swing her. His eyes were full of wonder. I bet we could swing her, he repeated softly.
Candy sat on the edge of his bunk. He scratched the stump of his wrist nervously. I got hurt four year ago, he said. Theyll can me purty soon. Jus as soon as I cant

swamp out no bunk houses theyll put me on the county. Maybe if I give you guys my money, youll let me hoe in the garden even after I aint no good at it. An Ill wash

dishes an little chicken stuff like that. But Ill be on our own place, an Ill be let to work on our own place. He said miserably, You seen what they done to my dog

tonight? They says he wasnt no good to himself nor nobody else. When they can me here I wisht somebodyd shoot me. But they wont do nothing like that. I wont have no

place to go, an I cant get no more jobs. Ill have thirty dollars more comin, time you guys is ready to quit.
George stood up. Well do her, he said. Well fix up that little old place an well go live there. He sat down again. They all sat still, all bemused by the beauty of the

thing, each mind was popped into the future when this lovely thing should come about.
George said wonderingly, Spose they was a carnival or a circus come to town, or a ball game, or any damn thing. Old Candy nodded in appreciation of the idea. Wed just

go to her, George said. We wouldnt ask nobody if we could. Jus say, Well go to her, an we would. Jus milk the cow and sling some grain to the chickens an go to her.
An put some grass to the rabbits, Lennie broke in. I wouldnt never forget to feed them.


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