THe company I chose is Verizon Wireless since I work for the company.

The issue I chose is – As a customer service rep, the process of trying to research a promotion that was going on at time of customer’s purchase is tedious. Currently I have to go through pages and pages of promotions looking for the promotion and verify if customer was eligible for it.

My thought is to have a section in the customers account that when you click on the customer’s mobile #, it would show what promotions were active at the time customer either activated service or did an phone upgrade.

This would save time both for reps and customers as well having to wait while we search for the promotion. Also I would think improve customer satisfaction , which Verizon is big on. I feel it would be help reduce customers having to call back in for same issue. IT could turn out they didnt qualify for the promo but isntead of going through the process looking up, just telling them the promo credit appears on the next bill without verifying they did qualify first .

I have attached the requirements & rubric as well.