Please read the article on PAGE 572 then answer the following questions…

Part I.

Please answer Question 1 on page 580: Nicholas Carr poses a question with the title of this essay. How would you answer it? What main examples does he offer to illustrate how Google is making us stupid? What counter examples does he offer? What examples, on either side, would you add?

Answer the question in at least 250 words. Be thoughtful. Carr asks component parts to his question. Give consideration to all of these parts.

Part II.

Please answer question 4 on page 581. The interview he suggests is optional. You may simply write your own analysis if you like. “Interview a few people, including some who grew up using the internet and some who remember doing research mainly using books. Write you own analysis of the impact of the internet on our ability to think, reason, and research, building on Carr’s essay and the anecdotes you collect.” Your answer should be at least 200 words.

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