I’ll admit that I’m not the most knowledgeable about issues surrounding gender & media (although we have some faculty in our department who specialize in that topic), although thinking about how gender is represented in media, gender issues in the workplaces that make up the media industry, and how gender relates to people’s experience online (in a place that sometimes has forms of anonymity) are just some of the many questions that media scholars examine with regards to gender and media.

In particular, we’ve seen a heightened sense of awareness, especially with the recent #MeToo movement that has proven one of the most powerful and influential digital social movement to take place in the last decade.

For today, you watched two films, both by the same producers, one that looks at women, the other, men. They cover a lot (maybe too much?) but I’d like you to expand on some of the issues and topics that were raised. Please be specific, and reference the issue/topic/argument/point that you’re addressing (that is, explain specifically what is being said before you respond). You can also compare how the two films approach the topic of gender (they appear to take a different approach). Beyond this, this is considered an open prompt.