MRSA in wound
Adding one more point to the factors which affects the wound healing are infection and lack of oxygenation to the tissues on affected leg. The impact on MRSA in patient wound can vary from person to person. The patient with MRSA in wound can express more anxiety and pain on affected area. Health care workers needs to find out the suitable dressing to the wound for better healing every day ( effective antibiotic to prevent infection is necessary in case of Ms.G. Also topic application of antimicrobial drug will help to decrease the infection. Ms.G needs to be educated on prevention of infection through proper hand washing .She needs to be educated about the medication and encourage Ms.G to complete the course of antibiotic. Follow up with wound care nurse or home health nurse is essential for Ms.G after the discharge from the hospital. Early ambulation will help to improve the oxygenation to the area affected. Education and follow up is important to prevent further problems