linear report proposal

linear report proposal

Project description
Final Project Proposal
Building blocks
It’s time to begin thinking about the final project and forming the framework which will guide your work. The final project should follow a similar format as the cell

phone linear systems report that you did in Module 5. Please take a moment to review steps 1 through 5 of the Module 5 Linear Systems report.

Steps 6 and 7 of the Module 5 Linear Systems report form the basis of the Final Project:

Step 6: Describe another setting in which a systems of equations approach would be useful.

Step 7: Present data and repeat steps 1-5 (see Module 5), for an application of your choice. Some ideas may be found by considering examples related to business

(supply-demand), nutrition (caloric need vs caloric expenditure), home budget (monthly earnings vs. monthly spending), and/or topics in your professions, other

academic courses or those found on the internet. Be sure to cite any sources, if you use outside references for ideas or data.

Please also take a moment to review the final project guidelines in Module 8 and then present your final project proposal here as a Word (.doc) or Rich Text format

(.rtf) document. Taking the time to lay out your ideas for the final project will help ensure that the project you’ve chosen is appropriate and will also help you

create a well organized, well executed project in the final weeks of our course. Be sure to also take a look at the final project rubric also found in Module 8.

For the final project proposal include:

Statement of the problem you intend to solve. Here you would explain the problem, why its important and what you hope to learn/analyze.
Data or equation you intend to analyze. Here you should present data that you will gather or data the you have found on a particular website. Alternatively, you may

wish to explore equations presented in our textbook or found on the internet. You could change one or more parameters and assess how the model changes.
Techniques and/or skills you will use. Please note, as a final project, you should demonstrate your proficiency in skills from at least two different modules.


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