Legal Memorandum (The case of Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart)

Legal Memorandum (The case of Kevin Ward Jr. and Tony Stewart)

Project description
This legal memorandum is based on the case of the NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr. Based on the video that was released, we saw that Tony Stewart crashed into Kevin Ward Jr’s race car, causing him to crash into the wall. Kevin Ward Jr. got out of the car and began to point at Tony Stewart. Suddenly, Tony Stewart’s vehicle fishtailed and bumped into Kevin Ward Jr., throwing him several feet away where he laid motionless on the track. Here is the link to the video:

My class project is to complete an investigation for the District Attorney’s Office of the incident based on the video and make a presentation regarding my charging decisions. I am required to prepare a memo not to exceed 4 pages and it should be double spaced.

Follow this format:
1) A hard copy of a memo, not to exceed 4 pages and any relevant attachments will be given to the DA at the time of the presentation. The memo will contain 4 sections.
I. Relevant Facts
II. Relevant Law
a. Wisconsin Statutes
b. Wisconsin Jury Instructions
III. Decision/Rationale
IV. Conclusion

2) You will be required to meet with the DA and explain what crime, if any; you think Tony Stewart should be charged with. This will require the investigator to provide an exact explanation to the DA for their charging decision. It is expected that the family of Kevin Ward will be at the meeting with the DA to hear your decision.

Please do prepare to present in an organized and thoughtful manner. Presentation grading will be based on the level of clarity and organization as well as appropriate coverage of the points listed above. Additional information will be provided as needed.
There also is a gag order in effect. You are not allowed to review any media/internet related to this case for fear it will bias your decision. You are to ignore and avoid all media coverage of the case.


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