Length: about 900-1,500 words (about 3-5 pages)

Conferences: Wednesday, January 15

Peer Response: Wednesday, January 22

Creating an annotated bibliography gives you the chance to explore what kinds of sources are out there relating to a particular topic. (See the attached document for an example of what an annotated bibliography looks like, and what it’s supposed to do.)

Look for any sources you can find relating to your topic. (Your topic should somehow relate to the Mared and Karen case. What information can you research and contribute to our conversation about this case, in order to help us understand the case a little more clearly? The possible perpetrators? The culture of Morgantown in the late 1960s/early 1970s? The treatment of women in Morgantown during this period? Anything else you can contribute to the conversation?)

In your annotated bibliography, you should cite any of the sources that you find, in alphabetical order. (You can cite your sources using either MLA format, or you can use the specific citation format that is used in your major.) After each citation, you should provide a brief summary of the source, as well as why you think that particular source could be useful for your research. You should also provide a brief preface at the beginning of your annotated bibliography that explains the tentative topic that you’re thinking of researching.