Health Education Plan

Health Education Plan

Project description
The purpose of this paper is to give you the opportunity to critically examine a health promotion problem for an at-risk group or population in your specified Practice

Learning Environment or geographic community. You are to develop a health education plan targeted for a specific group in the community.

So far in this course you have completed and submitted the Cultural Assessment assignment and Sections I through III of the Community Health Analysis Paper. In this

assignment you are being asked to choose a health promotion problem that you have already identified in your problem list (Section III of the Community Analysis Paper)

and to develop a health education plan directed to a specific group in that community.
1. Identification of Specific Health Promotion Need  (10 points)
•    Choose a health promotion need you have identified in Section III (Problem List) of the Community Analysis paper
•    Describe the scope of the need.
•    Describe why this is a priority problem and the rationale for why you have chosen this health promotion problem.
•    Use Healthy People 2020 as a resource to identify age specific health risks or needs.
•    Give an overview of the population or group for which this is a health promotion need. (This data should be taken from the assessment section of your Cultural

Assessment or Community Analysis paper.
•    Identify factors that might affect learning or barriers. (example-  values, culture, language, physical or functional issues).

2. Establish Health Education Outcomes (15 points)
•    Develop two to three appropriate health education outcomes to guide what you plan to do.
•    What is it that you see as the outcome of the plan? Remember they must be measurable and relate back to the need.  ( example – for senior women you might want

to ultimately see an increase in mobility, flexibility, and physical activity; Therefore, an outcome might be a 10% increase in attendance at an exercise or

restorative yoga class you might want to start.
•    What behaviors do want to see changed in this group?
•    What health indicators would you like to see changed?

3. Design the Health Educational Plan (20 points)
•    Describe your health education plan.
•    Identify what you plan to teach and give rationale for why you are going to present the specific content.  (Example:  if you are planning a health fair or a

series of classes for senior citizen women at the local health center what content will you present and why).
•    Develop an outline and identify rationale for each section. Describe how this health education plan will reduce risk and promote health in this group.

4. Implementation of the Health Education Plan (10 points)
•    Identify appropriate methods based on assessment of educational needs, program outcomes and identified content.
•    Give rationale for using specific strategies. (lecture, video, gaming, role play etc.) Again consider age, functional status, literacy, etc.

5. Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness (25 points)
•    Since you won’t actually be implementing the plan, describe how you would assess the effectiveness of the health education plan.
•    How would you evaluate your outcomes from section two? In other words, how do you know if what you did worked?
•    Identify specific health indicators or behaviors you would use to assess learning.
•    Describe what other services would be necessary to reduce risk in this population.

6. APA and grammar (20 points)
Note: These directions and the grading rubric for this assignment will be used to evaluate and grade your assignment. Please refer to the details of each when

preparing your assignment.


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