The City of Los Angeles, California has been struggling with a continually climbing crime rate over the past 10 years. The Mayor has authorized an additional budget of 2 million dollars to help address the increasing crime rate. Your group will need to decide how these funds should be used and create a budget, 2-page written proposal, and a PowerPoint presentation outlining how the funds will be used. You will also need to include why you believe your proposed programs or services will help to decrease or stop the increase in crime.

For this assignment you will be split up into groups of 4-5 students (based upon the number of students in the class). Each group will have its own discussion area. You will need to work together in the discussion area to assign roles and responsibilities amongst yourselves. There you can also communicate and decide how your group would like to spend the 2 million dollars in funding, potential programs and/or services that the funds could be used for, and divide out tasks to complete all the assignments. Part of your grade will be on how effectively you communicate with your group members in the discussion board. By the end of this week your group should:

Decide what programs and/or services that your group would like to propose (how the 2 million dollars should be spent).

Assign roles and responsibilities for who will do what to complete the budget, written proposal, and PowerPoint presentation. Note that it may take a few people to complete the PowerPoint presentation with one person combining all the slides together if more than one person works on the PowerPoint.

For additional support and ideas for how to get started, check out the links below to some supplemental videos:

Project Proposal Writing: How to Write a Winning Project Proposal

How to Create a Project Budget

How to Give an Awesome (PowerPoint) Presentation

This project is not due until the end of week 7; however, you will need to work with your group beginning in Week 5 to start assigning roles and making some decision. Note that at the end of the project in week 7 each group member will complete a peer evaluation form outlining and scoring the contributions of each of their group members. The resulting scores will be used to provide a final peer evaluation score.

Each group member must submit the entire assignment, Proposal, Budget, PowerPoint and Peer-Eval, for grading at the end of Week 7.

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