To prepare:

  • Take your selected data set from your Scholar-Practitioner Project and enter it into SPSS. You may also manipulate the data in Excel and then convert it to a format for your statistical software needs.

Perform the following on your database for each research questions (RQ) separately:

  • Indicate your research question(S) (RQ).
  • Define the variable names and categories you will be using for answering each RQ.
  • Apply techniques you learned last week to your continuous and categorical variables (convert your continuous variables to categorical if it is more appropriate for your statistical tests.
  • Explore your categorical variables with frequency tables and if your categorical variables has cell size less than 6 then combine some levels to increase cell sizes.
  • Perform the statistical analysis you proposed in previous weeks (both descriptive and analytic) for answering your RQ.
  • Include SPSS output(s) to support your calculation(s)/result(s)