Please use the writing shaping sheet that you completed a couple of weeks ago for the writing essay

Write at least a five-paragraph essay to answer one prompt. You will include at least two concrete details (CDs) to support your thesis and at least two sentences of commentary (CMs) which explains the significance of each concrete detail, for a total of six CDs, and twelve CMs.

Your thesis statement must present a clear argument or position in order to provide your paper with purpose and direction. Each topic sentence should do the same. With a solid thesis, your choice of concrete details and their interpretation (commentary) provides the framework upon which your paper will be judged. Be highly selective in the concrete details* you choose in order to write valid commentary (opinions). Meaningful and grounded opinions, CMs, supported by specific, accurate quotations, CDs, are what one needs as part of a successful paper.

Abide by the MLA** style and format, and check for mechanical and grammatical accuracy.