Choose any of the topic. Page length should be 1.5 pages. Follow the rubric Carefully, no Plagiarism. Due in 12 hours. 

  Essay Topics – Fall 2019 

1. What would you say was the primary cause of the Great Depression in the United States. How did the United States economy recover. How does this differ from the 2008 Recession in the United States. 

2. Choose one country and argue whether its institutions have become more/less inclusive or more/less extractive in the last 100 years. 

Rubric for Essays 

Out of 100 

20 points-Having a Thesis. Do you tell the reader in the first few lines of the paper whether Kroszner and Strahan better explain what drove deregulation of branch banking than Krugman, or what have different economists identified as the main problems facing effective banking regulation?

30 points-Do you clearly understand the authors’ views? 

-Are you attributing views to Kroszner and Strahan or Krugman and others that they do not actually hold? 

-Do you understand where the differences lie in their theories about why banking was regulated and then deregulated? 

-Have you succinctly described their views in your 


30 points-Do you critically assess the authors’ evidence and use the evidence from the authors to support your thesis? 

-Do you make it clear why certain evidence given by one author discredits (in your opinion) the evidence given by another author? -Or, if you think none makes a great case do you ex

plain WHY certain evidence does not show what the authors say it shows? 

10 points-Conclusion 

10 points-Proper citation/referencing. See CANVAS. Note though, that the example there is when the author is talking about avague topic. Do not say something like “Grantham says ___ “(Grantham 19

92, page 1-21). 

Write down the specific page so we can verify what you are saying. “Grantham says ___” (Grantham 1992, Pg 1)