For this Case Study, you will provide an analysis of the key concern in the case and

make connections to our course learnings. Case analysis is an important skill set to

develop because, in management, you will consistently be provided with information to

analyze and make the best decision for the organization.


 Read the case, think about its application, then read the case again for details.

 In your thesis, connect the case to one key concept in management. Questions

to consider can include:

o What situational constraints, issues, and/or factors have affected the


o Why might these situational constraints, issues, and/or factors have


o What are the ‘root causes’ of any identified dilemmas?

 In the body of your analysis, discuss how the leadership of the organization can

move the organization forward. Questions to consider can include:

o What opportunities exist to provide long-lasting solutions to the

constraints, issues, or concerns identified?

o What strengths can be capitalized upon, and what weaknesses will

prevent future growth?

o Does the current strategy need to change? Why or why not?

 Support your analysis with specific illustration(s) and/or example(s) from the



 Include a clear introduction with thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Focus

on the quality of writing as opposed to length.

 Maximum of 4 pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages.

 APA format, including in-text citations for referenced works.

 At least two resources, one can be the case itself.