Can the workers take the issue to the Court of Law? Discuss the process of the dispute mechanism.

Can the workers take the issue to the Court of Law? Discuss the process of the dispute mechanism.



Write a report covering the following:

a. Suggest the measures or the steps that the organization could follow to find solution to the issues.Use your understanding of the Omani Labour Law and recommend

steps/measures that the organisation could adopt to resolve the issue. Also discuss in detail the welfare measures that employees could be provided with, in accordance

with Omani Labour Law.

b. Can the workers take the issue to the Court of Law? Discuss the process of the dispute mechanism.

c. Discuss the steps involved in forming a trade union in a retail outlet. Also constructively discuss the role of trade union in this context.
(the case study )
Around 1000 Omani employees of the major retail outlet across the city (Muscat) in the country went on a three day strike for their basic rights. The employees wanted

pay rises, annual bonuses and promotions. Complaints against them (employees) include preventing billing, hampering business, causing disturbance and impeding

movement. Most of the striking workers were billing staff. The organized strike began, with protestors, most of them women, wearing badges with the line ‘On Strike For

Our Rights .

We need a pay hike as most of us earn an average of RO400. Salaries of those working for the past ten years are still the same. We have been asking for our basic

rights for the last few months but our demands have always been turned down. Hence we resorted to the sit-in protest and have pledged not to go back to work unless our

demands are met said an employee. Another employee claimed that the local employees- Omani’s are not promoted.

The rationale by the management:
The vast majority of the striking workers were check-out staff. It’s not a hard job, it requires no special training and really just requires the employee to be able

to scan items into their tills and then collect payment as indicated on their screens. It’s not rocket science. If they don’t like it, or want more money in their

chosen professional field of check-out clerk, they could test the market and move to another grocery company and see if they get paid more there. Salaries for long

term employees are probably largely static because the job itself is menial and essentially skill-less, meaning anyone could do it.

The other side:
The real question to be asked is why are people still working as a check-out operator after 10 years? There’s always exceptions to everything, and it could be that it

is a mother who works part-time and the hours fit with her schedule and it is understood that why they would continue to work the same job for 10 years. Some people

might just be content being a check-out person and for some reason think that seniority in a position should equate to increased authority and compensation.
A meeting was held to address the grievances of the workers of the retail outlet under the leadership of Director General- Labour Welfare at the Ministry of Manpower,

which was also attended by a representative of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the head of the workers union. It was decided to stop the strike

immediately and workers return to their work in all branches of the company, said a statement from the Ministry of Manpower.

During the meeting, it was agreed to provide health insurance to workers from the beginning of their employment contract. The company confirmed its commitment to study

the issues of wages, taking into account the contribution of the senior employees and the results for which will be announced at the later.

Referencing Requirements:
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