Each Main Questions at least 100 words or more : 


Various Schools of Legal Thought. 

1. Pick two of the schools of thought and describe how each school of thought would discuss and decide on the following issue: Can state of California create a law that makes it illegal for anyone to board an airplane if they are wearing outfits that cover nearly their entire bodies except their eyes, citing as reason that they believe it is necessary to protect national security against terrorists.  

2. Which one do you agree with the most and why?  


The state of New York passes a law that prohibits transgender persons from going to the bathrooms of their choice. Max, an adult, identifies as a transgender female. Max’s parents, enraged at the law, file a lawsuit against the state of New York, claiming that the transgender bathroom law violates the U.S. Constitution in that it is discriminatory. 

1. Based on your readings, what is the state of New York’s best defense against this lawsuit?

2. What would you recommend to Max’s family to make the lawsuit stronger?