The paper is to be 9 pages in length and may focus on film(s) from Nayagan onwards. You are welcome to address more than one film, but try to minimize summary and avoid mere comparison for the sake of comparing. The main focus should be your topic and how you are reading and analyzing the film in regards to said topic/thesis. The topic is up to you, be sure it is something you can form a strong thesis around which you can support with analysis and close reading of the film itself. Consider what’s something that struck you in any of these films and their readings that you would be interested in exploring more in depth… Further, I ask that you incorporate at least two outside sources (one must be from outside the class readings, while the other may be from the class readings or you may choose to use two outside sources). Don’t forget to include a properly formatted works cited page.

1/8 – Reading: “Avenger on the Street” in Mumbai Fables (Gyan Prakesh)

Viewing: Nayagan (1987) Mani Ratnam

1/9 – Reading: “Digging the Underworld Narrative: Revisiting Masculinity in Indian Films”

(Satpathi & Samantha) in Spectacles of Blood: A Study of Masculinity & Violence in Post-Colonial Cinema

Viewing: Parinda (1989) Vidhu Vinod Chopra

1/10 – Reading: “The Western Other” and “The Russian Hero: Fantasies of Wounded National Pride” in Pride and Panic:Russian Imagination of the West in Post-Soviet Film (Yana Hashamova)

Viewing: Brother (1997) Alexei Balabanov

1/13 – Reading: Godfather of the Kremlin: Boris Berezovsky and the Looting of Russia; Intro, Chpt. 1 & 9 (Paul Klebnikov)

Viewing: Tycoon (2002) Pavel Lungin

1/14 – Reading: “Mafia Ancestors: The vory-v-zakone, 1920’s – 1950’s” in The Russian Mafia: Private Protection in a New Market Economy (Federico Varese)

Viewing: Eastern Promises (2007) David Cronenberg

Recommended Viewing: Mark of Cain (documentary)

I leave this open to give you the opportunity to approach the film from whatever your specialization or interest may be. So, if you’re a sociology major, you may want to approach the material from that perspective and draw on your background in that field, if you’re a film major you may want to take a more technical approach, etc. I also encourage you to draw on and include secondary sources (this can include class readings, but feel free to take it beyond our readings), this will depend on how you decide to approach the film.

Use MLA format if you need to cite