1) The view that defines quality as the goodness of a product is referred to as the _____

definition of quality.

a. user-based

b. transcendent (Correct)

c. incidental

d. imminent

Multiple Choice Question:

2) The _____ perspective is based on the presumption that quality is determined by what a

customer wants.

a. user-based (Correct)

b. value-based

c. judgmental-based

d. manufacturing-based

Multiple Choice Question:

3) Conformance to specifications applies to which quality definition?

a. User-based

b. Product-based

c. Manufacturing-based (Correct)

d. Value-based

Multiple Choice Question:

4) Which of the following is a criticism of the product-based definition of quality?

a. Quality is often mistakenly assumed to be related to price. (Correct)

b. Not all products are fit for use.

c. Consumers frequently confuse products with services.

d. Quality cannot be defined precisely; you just know it when you see it.

Multiple Choice Question:

5) The _____ definition of quality is that it is a function of a specific, measurable variable and

that differences in quality reflect differences in quantity of some product attribute.

a. manufacturing-based

b. product-based (Correct)

c. value-based

d. user-based


Multiple Choice Question: